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Estimated upcoming breedings

Xena - September 2018 - Mediums

Sadie - October 2019 - Small Standards

Mazie - November 2019 - Mediums

Xena and Tucker had puppies.


Sorry folks they are all gone.


Meet our males

          I am adopted. My name is Spuddy.                                   Iam adopted. My name is Confetti George


         I am adopted. My name is Leo.                                         I am adopted. My name is Pyro Finn Riley


        I am adopted. My name is Dakota                                   I am adopted. My name is Ozzy.


Meet our females

        I am adopted. My name is Prim. (My sister is Proper)                 I am adopted. My name is Chelsea.


        I am adopted. My name is Mabel.



These pictures, from a previous litter, are here so that you can see how much the pups appearance changes as they mature.

The girls                            25 Days                                                                                                        7 1/2 Weeks

Rue - Adopted


Oakley - Adopted


Ruby - Adopted                                               



Nani - Adopted                                                                      


Thira - Adopted


The boys

Jake - Adopted


Rico - Adopted


Barksdale - Adopted






   Nap time



 Please contact us if you are interested in adding one of these precious pups to your family. 


For individual puppy pictures please email us.


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